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With DIS media cooperate longer period. We appreciate both its reliability and ability to handle orders in a very short time, and a good price level of services offered. DIS is able to solve more complex task DTP and other promotional work arising from the characteristics of the sector, in our case it's aeronautical research and development.

Ing. Karel Paiger, Head of Projects and Contracts, VZLÚ - Aeronautical Research and Test Institute, as

The services of DIS Media use since its inception in 2002. Repeatedly and would like to return it at any necessary amendment or supplement our website. This is so that they always meet with the greatest willingness, understanding and professionalism. But most appreciate the creative approach in our response to sometimes even the specific needs and problems. Our vision is mutual operative communication transformed into a presentation that always exceeds our initial ideas. Of course, to our satisfaction.

Ing. Petr Víšek, Director of the National Centre for Social Studies, ops

With the company Dis Media cooperating since our establishment in 2002. We are satisfied with their services, especially with a flexible and fast approach to our requirements. Always offer a modern, uncluttered and functional treatment is easy to administer, which suits us and our customers. Dis Media I can really recommend!

Ilona Hulínová, Terko-CZ, s.r.o.

Thank you to the whole team Dis Media for a very pleasant cooperation, friendliness and professionalism. Our wishes was too many, but was always answered, or recommended by other (often better) solution. 

Highly recommended to other companies (possibly with a different theme :-))

Iveta Tomanová, ADINA-wedding center s.r.o.

We entered from DIS Media modernization of the website. Their offer was clear, simple and supplemented offered examples of functionality that can be combined according to our requirements. The works were discharged quickly and supplier accommodate our specific requirements. After the handover to test technicians communicated with us and for our comments immediately suggested solutions. The site was handed over on time and without problems. The ratio of the quality of work and the expenditure of funds consider very good.

Ing. Tomáš Kundrát, Head of IT, GJW Praha Ltd.

Daniel Guryča, vydavatel, YACHT s.r.o.


Webosting on our server

On the server hosts only presentation of customers which page we had created. Regular software updating on the server, individual configuration, backup, presentations and email.


Domain management

We provide domain registration .cz, .com, .net, .org, .eu and the less usual... We look after expiration and in time draw your attention for domain extension for a further period.


Search Engine Optimalization

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Complex web services from a single vendor

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